Structural steel products

As the bearing structure of the building was designed and constructed by steel. This type of structure is used extensively in the construction industry, especially in the construction of large scale (Pre-Engineered Buildings) by the useful properties of steel.

A. The advantages of steel structures

– Capable of great strength and high reliability.
– Light-weight
– Mobility in shipping and assembly.
– As highly industrialized.
– Calculate sealed, waterproof

B. Disadvantages of steel structures

– There may be eroded by the impact of the environment, temperature … Therefore, these constructions have used structural steel is usually covered by a protective coating, stainless steel
– Refractory poor
– The price is high compared to some other raw materials such as wood, iron …

Scope of Application of steel structures

Suitable for large projects requiring high reliability such as:

Industrial buildings, factories, mills, factories

Industrial building frame is steel as the whole high, heavy crane, or could be mixed reinforced concrete column, frame, and steel beams.

Houses span

is the kind of request by the user must be quite large spans from 30 – 40m as the performers, sports competitions, exhibition halls, hangars … using steel structure is most reasonable. There are special cases where large span over 100 m, the steel structure is only applicable.

Multi-storey frame house

especially the tower houses in the city. 15-storey home on the beneficial use of structural steel over concrete.

Road bridges, rail

steel at medium pace, big beat, when you need fast execution. Steel suspension bridge spanning over 1000m possible.

Structural towers

Electric poles, antennas as the column type electric, radio antenna, or some kind of special structures such as oil drilling tower structure.

Structural version

As the tank type gas furnace equipment of chemical plants, petrochemical plants.

For many countries in the world, steel is precious and rare materials for steel should be used for all sectors of the national economy

Trends in consumption of steel structure

The advent of high-rise buildings, large-scale industrial houses as a result of the development of industrialization and modernization in the process of economic integration.
Vietnam joined the WTO Trade Organization, gradually opening up to foreign investors investing in industrial parks, export processing zones, promoting consumption of steel structures, steel buildings on a big more .