The wastewater treatment technology

The wastewater treatment technology advanced
We provide secure technologies and environmentally friendly for the wastewater treatment plant at any scale. Our solutions are designed according to the specific requirements of each project to ensure efficient handling and cost savings for the entire cycle of waste water treatment from the elaboration to operate:

Handling primary
Secondary treatment
Handling tertiary & Reuse
Sludge Handling
Handling Hare
The Water Treatment Chemicals
Water Treatment Systems Mobile

In the SD668, wastewater is a resource

Among the largest projects we:

Turning plants into the wastewater treatment plant extract has the ability to produce heat and electrical energy, as well as valuable byproducts such as polymers, fertilizer, etc.

Reuse and extract valuable substances

We apply the specific technologies for renewable energy from sewage, biogas and fertilizer production and a pioneer in the trend of building the sewage treatment plant self-sufficient in energy.

Reuse of waste water can be used for irrigation, industrial production, renewable aquifer, and maintenance of golf courses and urban green spaces.