The wastewater treatment system of living regardless of whether there is a stable, high performance, and modern systems, the best treatment equipment ... then after some time in operation usually happens the problem is inevitable and they must be maintained. Maintenance of the wastewater treatment system is a very important job and contributing to stable production for companies and enterprises. However, there is one fact that maintenance items sewage system are of little companies focused on investment, and implementation. Corollary is reducing the life of the entire system, no regular maintenance leads to arising incidents will not be detected in time, can cause serious consequences ...

With the main service is to provide solutions for waste water treatment in general, domestic waste water treatment in particular, along with the strengths of the supply, provided the waste water treatment equipment, equipment composite tub ... SD668 has been creating sewage system specialized activities with Vietnamese characteristics of wastewater treatment technologies, improve processing efficiency, operation is relatively easy, especially price Competitive ensure benefits and real value that SD668 bring to customers. SD668 receiving bring to its customers the services of domestic wastewater treatment, such as:

Surveys and detailed consultation process technology
System Design Consultant
Consultation procedures relating to the environment
Construction - implementing projects on waste water treatment
Transfer of technology and customer support operation of the system
Warranty and maintenance of the wastewater treatment system of living
Provision of wastewater treatment facilities with good quality, reliability and unbeatable price
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