Founded in 2012, sd668 Vietnam, through a long history of development and experience in M&E Sector, has been known as one of the best Constructors for M&E service in Vietnam.

Our scope includes: Constructing and install 35KV – 220KV electric conduits and substation, Constructing and install electric systems in industrial plants as cement factory, steel construction plant, electrohydraulic, electric system in Urban Railway… Design, Supply, Install, Testing and Commissioning of Power and Electrical Engineering, Air Conditioning and Refigeration, Water and Sanitation, Automation, Instrumentation and Control, Communication and Electronic Security, Fire Alram and Protection Systems, Data and Tel Systems, UPS Systems and Elevator Systems, etc.

For the past four years, sd668 has been well-known for some outstanding projects such as Hanoi urban metro line Cat Linh – Ha Dong Project, Install 110kV substation and Transmission line Bim Son and explore, divide traverse at 220kV substation Bim Son, Install T2 transformer and Transmission line – 110kV substation Kim Son, Ninh Binh province, electrical tunnel item of Constructing Quang Ngai - Da nang Highway, Investment project of technical infrastructure in Dai Kim new urban area,Construction of 220kV substations Uyen Hung, Khanh Hoa Data Center, Nghi Son Thermal Power Plant (Thanh Hoa), Building N2 Tran Hung Dao (Hanoi), Building CT2 Nam Xa La (Hanoi), Mong Duong Thermal Power Plant (Quang Ninh), Complex 136 Phung Hung Phuc La (Ha Dong), Nghi Son refinery & Petrochemical Complex Thanh Hoa, etc.

With more than 30 experienced engineers and hundreds of highly skilled workers, we strongly believe that you will be satisfied with our service and professionalism. Our experienced and dedicated team can assure you of a responsive and high quality M&E service so that your project will run smoothly and efficiently.